What You Expect Becomes Your Reality

What you expect becomes your reality

What Reality Do You Desire?

The navigation of our thoughts and feelings can be a tricky experience when it comes to manifesting the life of our desires. Some people in this World don’t even know the existence of the Law of Attraction and the essence of its teachings. Is it all hype or is there something frustratingly exciting about an opportunity to navigate your own true desire in life? Transferring thoughts into things, or thoughts into cool experiences, is there such a thing?

If it were true, how come some people struggle, and others thrive?

Why is it always a struggle to make ends meet? These may be some important questions that may come to you on a regular basis. As a young boy, I would see exactly this. I would see poor people struggling and then I would see very wealthy people driving cool cars, going on expensive holidays, and often I would think. How the hell did they get there? I remember saying to my mum, why isn’t everything free in the world? It would certainly solve some problems.

These were just observations growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney and what I did learn is one thing. When I truly desired something so strong with a non-resistant thought, I would attract it. I would earn pocket money to save for my drumkit, birthday money, you name it, I attracted it. Some people called me lucky Luke and maybe I was.

Now without going too far down the barrel of another rabbit hole, what I have learned from my youth to 40-odd years later is one true learning. Many non-resistant positive thoughts manifest into many many positive experiences from receiving gifts, expensive sports car adventures, and gifts to concerts and plays.

Receiving desired outcomes on career changes and manifesting loving relationships, manifesting travel adventures, seeking supportive friendships, earning more money and the list goes on. Well, it also came with great learnings too…some friendships have moved on due to indifference, comparison, and jealousy.

However, on the flipside, you manifest relationships that are more in alignment with your new version of you.

The inner circle can become smaller. So is it worth manifesting everything you desire?

Well, if it’s true that where focus goes, energy flows, I will choose YES, and if it inspires the community to see the contrast of their world and find ways to improve it, well I’m in…

Remember, non-resistant positive thoughts WIN every time.

Step away from the distracting white noise!

Every day I learn, revise, and listen to podcasts, audio-books to keep me in the vibration of attraction.

I am a work in progress and I know that I can help YOU?

So, do you feel lucky today?

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