What specifically is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is something that we believe to be true that holds us back.

“I can`t hold down a relationship”.

“I`m not good enough”.

“I`m not worthy”

“I doubt all the decisions I make”.

“I am an overthinker”.

“I can`t speak up for myself”.

This list could just go on and on and on.

How are limiting beliefs a problem?

They are a big problem because once we believe these things, we can consciously or unconsciously self-sabotage our life and bring them into our reality.

Now, here`s how.

Let`s just say that someone once said to you “You`ll never be good enough to do or be……………! (Fill in the blank)

Before that statement becomes a limiting belief you have to decide that it is true. The minute you decide it is true, it becomes a belief.

So, all limiting beliefs are preceded by a decision the belief comes after that.

When I have a client who says I can’t do………, I`m not worthy, I`m not a good Mother or Father.

I ask “When did you decide that? A lot of people just look at me dumbfounded. Some will say “I don`t know”, some will

tell me the exact event where they made the decision to believe it and others will say “I have always felt this way”.

The exciting thing is that limiting beliefs can be eliminated. Then turned into new empowering beliefs that will push you forward to achieving all that you desire.

What if “I can`t hold down a relationship become I now attract the right people into my life. My relationship is loving and secure.

What if I`m not good enough becomes I am enough; I love and accept myself just as I am.

What if I`m not worthy becomes I am worthy of having everything my heart desires.

What if I doubt all the decisions, I make becomes I trust myself and all the decisions I make.

What if I am an overthinker becomes, I make decisions that are right for me, and I stick to them.

What if I can`t speak up for myself becomes the words I speak are important it is ok to voice my opinion.

When limiting beliefs are eliminated magic happens.

If you resonate with this let’s chat.

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