“What are the secrets to great relationships? – Podcast with Helen Uskovic

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“What are the secrets to great relationships?
This week, we find out as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy® experts Luke & Carol Mollica joins the show for a chat about relationships!
Carol and Luke, the founders of Mindset Mastery NLP, are a passionate couple helping others improve their relationships.
Having both been married previously and healed from toxic relationships after their marriages, they decided the next time round together it was imperative to do things differently.
Join us in this two-part episode as we chat about the secrets to great relationships, how you could become a better partner, and how to prepare yourself for relationships if you are single.
This dynamic duo is hosting Relationships Day 2023 at The Quarters Forresters Beach, NSW on February 26th, 2023.
This is a perfect event for couples and singles alike!
  • Couples who want to gain knowledge on how to improve all aspects of their relationship.
  • Couples who are struggling in their relationship & don’t know whether to separate or work it out.
  • Singles wanting to find love
  • Singles are happy being single but want a better connection to self
  • Couples new to their relationship & want to address communication, love & connections before problems arise”