6 week Relationship Recharge Program



Are you in a relationship where you are struggling to connect with your partner or spouse?

Are you in a relationship where you have lost the ability to communicate?

Are you in a relationship that is lacking passion and love or is your relationship good however you know that improvements can be made?

Are you single and find it difficult to sustain a relationship or create conscious connections?

Our relationship recharge program is suited for singles & couples looking for the ultimate relationship vision.

Our program includes the following:

  • Relationship Discovery ( Clarity )
  • Values & Love Languages
  • Relationship Pyramid
  • 6 Human Needs
  • Disciplines of Passions
  • How to increase attraction
  • 13 things couples who have great sex do
  • Recognise behaviours that need to change
  • Identify your ultimate relationship vision
  • Learn to get clear and specific about your perfect partner
  • Managing your state
  • The 3 stages of feminine and masculine development


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