NLP For Schools


Imagine there being a class where children could learn to communicate easily and effectively.

Imagine children being able to easily make friends without feeling awkward.


Welcome to NLP in schools where by using the COMMUNICATION MODEL we open up a new world of dialogue.

This program can be designed to suit your timetable. It can be run a classes over weeks or a day programme.


COMMUNICATION MODEL: understand that we all communicate differently and that no two models of someone’s world is the same.

LEARNING STYLES: We all learn differently, some people are visual and learn better through watching and seeing. These students like to be shown what to do.

An AUDITORY learner benefits most by listening, these students can be quite detailed.

A KINESTHETIC learner learns by feel. If something feels good to them they will excel in their learning.

KEYS TO ACHIEVABLE OUTCOMES / GOAL SETTING: how to set a goal effectively and achieve it.

THE ART OF RAPPORT: Rapport teaches students an effect way of communication and observation.

Communication is 7% words, 38% Tonality and 55% Physiology. The students will learn effective ways to communicate easily and effortlessly with anyone.

RESOURCE ANCHORS: A resource to help children stay in a positive state.

LEARNING STATE: A technique that teaches the children stay focused every day.


PERCEPTION IS PROJECTION: We all perceive life differently. Two people can have an identical experience and take away a different meaning. This is about teaching the students that how we perceive people and events then affects our behaviour.

NLP is a tool for life, lets give this opportunity to children now.

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