About our NLP Certification Training

Do you want the power to transform lives? By mastering NLP you’ll be able to reprogram people’s beliefs, habits, and behaviours. These are the core aspects in every individual’s capacity for success and happiness. You’ll be able to use this in business, relationships, and every form of communication. At Mindset Mastery NLP we offer NLP practitioner courses in Sydney, Central Coast and Online. After completion, you’ll be able to work with clients and start making a difference.

This is suitable for:

  • Full-time professionals that want to boost performance in the workplace
  • Parents seeking new ways to communicate with family and friends
  • Curious individuals looking to learn new skills
  • People looking for a new career that allows them to charge what they want, be their own boss, and most importantly help others transform their lives.

Through this NLP course you’ll learn how to guide yourself and others to create significant positive change towards a compelling future.

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Our Process

#1. Qualification

Before we begin working together, we need to learn a little bit about you. We start with a free ‘Clarity Call’ to make sure NLP is the right modality for you.

#2. Plan Selection

After we’ve created rapport with each other (and you’re qualified to learn), we’ll work together to find the best NLP practitioner course to suit your unique needs.

#3. Learning Material

Now that you’ve selected your NLP practitioner course, the learning materials will be sent to you. You will also be added to our support group on Facebook, filled with like-minded individuals.

#4. Practitioner Training

This is where we go face-to-face with your training. By now, you would have listened to or read through the learning material. Now, we’ll help you turn your neuro-linguistic programming theory into practical knowledge that you can apply and slowly work your way to mastery.

#5. Coaching Program

As a private client, we’ll personally help you identify the obstacles in your subconscious that are holding you back. Guiding you through an advanced process of installing the desired skill sets and attitudes in your mind, the changes may appear magical. In reality, the magic is you.

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why Choose

If you had the ability to help others transform, what would you do with it? At Mindset Mastery NLP, our mission is to create a training platform for individuals just like you. A platform where we can educate you in the intricacies of NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy®. A platform that gives you the power, the vision, and the self belief necessary to make transformations happen. By undergoing training with Mindset Mastery NLP, you’ll learn the latest techniques and strategies that the industry leaders are currently using. You’ll also learn how to break past your limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind for success.

Learn how to help others:

  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance performance
  • And so much more….

Do you want to take part in the best NLP practitioner course in Sydney, Central Coast or Live Online? Apply now and make your mark.

Do you want Private Coaching for NLP or hypnosis with one of the best Training Companies in Australia?

Other Services

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Partial Scholarship Program

In a difficult position right now? Don’t worry, we understand that things might be tough. But we want to help you to the best of our ability.

That’s why we are offering one partial scholarship position for each program that we run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • #1. What is the difference between life coach and NLP practitioner

    Anyone can be a life coach, as it doesn’t require any certifications. But to be an NLP practitioner and apply neuro-linguistic programming techniques on clients — you need to pass an NLP practitioner course to become certified. Need help deciding which course is right for you? Get in touch with us for a free 15-minute clarity call.

  • #2. Why do some life coaches use neuro-linguistic programming?

    NLP has a wide range of uses. But in the coaching space especially, it is a highly desired skill. This means that some life coaches might also spend some time practicing NLP techniques. It is also common for NLP practitioners to call themselves life coaches because it might be a term more easily understood by the general public.

  • #3. What does NLP training actually involve?

    During your training you will learn how to apply NLP techniques and strategies. Your learning process will be facilitated through conversation, demonstration, and application. This means you’re able to finish with a thorough understanding of NLP and the ability to apply this in real life scenarios. But before you become a practitioner, you’ll have to complete the 7 day certification training & the open book test provided with the pre-study material.