NLP Coaching vs Other Therapies

What is NLP Coaching?

Our Job as a coach is to help our clients in such a way that they make us redundant. You may ask what does that mean? Well it means that you serve them in such a way that they get the results they are after and then we send them on their way. As a coach of NLP and practitioner of Time Line Therapy® we work differently to your traditional therapies. 

In my time as a coach, practitioner and trainer I have seen many clients who had previously been in therapy or counselling year after year after year. My question here is “for what purpose?” I remember earlier this year I had a beautiful woman come to see me with the view of doing some work with me. She shared that she had been in and out of counselling and psychotherapy for over twenty years with no real resolve to her problems. When I shared with her the way I work she asked “ do you really think you can help me?” My answer, Absolutely! It was just about getting to the root cause of her problem. I was going to question her differently without keeping her stuck in her story week after week on repeat. The beautiful thing was that when we started with her first session she acknowledged that she had never been questioned in this way. Which quickly allowed her to get in touch with her emotions. She also shared that she always kept her emotions well hidden however with me it just wasn’t possible. I remember her words with tears streaming down her face she said “what is this magic, nobody has ever asked me that?” The release was incredible and the healing had started.

The sad thing is that I have seen this time and time again. Now in saying this, I do agree that these traditional therapies have their place however the way an NLP coach works is somewhat different. 

The Difference from Traditional Therapy

 In traditional therapy it is all about working with a patient we work with clients. In therapy the patient is asked WHY? Our clients are asked HOW, WHAT and WHAT IF. In asking WHY it gives the opportunity for reasons or excuses not results. HOW, WHAT and WHAT IF allows for more content not the structure or the process.

We are interested in our clients present and we work toward helping them to create a compelling future. It is also with this understanding that in order to create the future you must say goodbye once and for all to the past obstacles. This is not solely about working with a client’s past trauma or traumatic events to heal those events. 

It is also important to understand that as an NLP Coach we DO NOT focus on our client being broken and needing fixing. We focus on my client being healthy and capable of making positive change. The focus is on actions, outcomes and processes.

We will not focus on old pain or having our client reliving past trauma. Our work is to help our client discover processes that are present to prevent them from achieving their goals and to also empower them to new ways of thinking and looking at their model of the world.

We do not go about fixing the client by understanding and fixing their past, in our work it is about understanding their past as a framework for the present and creating an amazing future.

Our clients are transformed without living in their story week after week, year after year. 

If I ever come across a client who I feel I cannot help I happily refer them on to someone who can.

If you’d like to learn more about NLP and what how it can transform your own life, contact us here. 


The Mindset Mastery Team