mindfulness in schools nlp

In a fast paced world where technology rules and everything is available at the push of a button. We have become aware that most children today do not know how to just be.

So many find it hard to switch off or remain present. There is always something going on or something to think about.

The intention of mindfulness is to bring children back to now. To be present in the given moment.

With so many children being diagnosed with anxiety mindfulness is a wonderful tool to bring them back to now.

With our mindfulness program we teach the children techniques that allow them to just be, to stop, to breath and be calm.

Children who have a calm mind and body tend to socialise better and are more focused when it comes to learning.



Our mindfulness program consists of 8 x 30-minute classes.


Week 1: Introduction to mindful bodies and listening

Week 2: Mindfulness Breathing

Week 3: Heartfulness – Sending Kind Thoughts

Week 4: Body Awareness

Week 6: Emotions

Week 7: Generosity and Kindness

Week 8: Gratitude


Classes are adapted for younger students.

With pre school and kindy classes are more repetitious rather than teaching a new class every week.

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