Luke Mollica – An Authentic Hero’s Journey to Success NLP Style…Are you ready to be ready?

Luke Mollica, Success Mentor & Co-founder of Australia’s fastest growing NLP training company, Mindset Mastery NLP, alongside with his amazing wife Carol-Johnston Mollica has created a life mission to impact thousands of lives through their coaching & training.

Luke has discovered, over the past 49 years of his life, that our most valued commodity is time. He has also realized that the path to healing and living a successful life starts from within. We, as humans, waste so much time from our limited-thinking mindset all the while the Universe always provides opportunity after opportunity to level up and take actions.

The world of NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) & effective communication has always surrounded Luke for many years. However, the leap of faith started 3 years ago; and Luke hasn’t looked back since. Prior to learning NLP, Luke has experienced teaching & coaching since 1992 for 22 years with his own music school in Sydney’s West “Ringo’s Music School”.

“If only I knew the tools back then hey?”

In essence, there is really no fast track to success. It’s building solid foundations alongside strategically actionable steps with a willingness to break through old limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns that no longer serve you.

The decision to learn NLP was really a no brainer. Luke was now surrounded with many like-minded coaches including his wife Carol, and ready to serve at the highest level. Finally, after many years, Luke found NLP alongside Time Line Therapy® as his modalities of choice. Using these linguistics and modalities has already helped many clients of his release past traumas and addictions. These results have inspired Luke to continue the expansion of his company to reach those residing outside Australia such as in New Zealand, United States, U.K & Singapore.

“Aim for excellence, not perfection!” – As Luke understood this, everything changed…

“Perfection doesn’t exist and nor will it ever.” When our perception changes and we strive for excellence, there is always room for consistent growth. The unconscious mind looks for more opportunities to improve and level up. Being a perfectionist can lead to dissatisfaction which can potentially stop the way forward to success.

“Done is better than perfect.”

Luke truly believes that, when our environment supports our growth, we feel loved & heard; this is where the magic happens. Being supported every step of the way is the golden ingredient for success. The deeper issue is that we all experience that learned negative behaviour patterns in our imprinting and modelling years. By the time we reach socialization from approx. 14 years & onwards, the patterns are already very deeply seeded. Up to 95% of the decisions we make on a daily basis are from the unconscious mind. Without this awareness, negative behaviours stemming from our childhood can keep us in the continuous loop of emotional and physical pain. We then live our lives with many forms of distractions and addictions.

The very reason as to why Luke has been attracting so much attention in recent years is he has experienced this authentic hero’s journey. Many clients express that his story is very relatable & are inspired to take their own leap of faith to a new guilt-free life.

So, what are the action steps to a guilt-free & successful life?

  1.   Surround yourself with like minded people who seek to experience a fulfilling life
  2.   Seek opportunities for your growth including your desired career or mission
  3.   Join an active community group
  4.   Regular Self Care & exercise
  5.   Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated
  6.   Find ways to heal past traumas
  7.   Find your life’s purpose – look for opportunities
  8.   Seek out an amazing mentor, coach, or practitioner to assist you
  9.   Read or listen to inspiring books or podcasts daily
  10.   You will inspire your community to do the same

Experiencing more than the above action steps will lead you to more heartfelt connections with yourself & others.

For 30 years, Luke has adopted the compassion to help people succeed in their life paths. Like most intuitive healers, the path is not always easy. The combination of life experiences with the exploration of healing past traumatic experiences from many different modalities has led Luke to find joy, happiness & inner peace as his daily experience.

Your limiting beliefs can be the very detriment to your success. Our success mentoring programs are designed to let go of past limiting belief systems, heal past traumas from significant emotional events to create more empowering beliefs for a successful future.

To learn more, book a clarity call with Luke or the team today.

“Our goal for 2021 is to impact the lives of over 1000 people nationally and internationally through our courses and personal coaching programs.”

“We are also so grateful that we are in a position to regularly donate to B1G1 a global impact charity. Changing the lives of hundreds of people each time we make a donation. We are also active in donating to charities in our local area.”


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