Interview with Sheena & Aaron from New Earth Collective

Interview with Sheena & Aaron from New Earth Collective.

This was soooo much fun and looking forward to another interview soon 🙂

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Luke and Carol are a husband and wife team who are dedicated to your growth. Both are NLP trained.

Carol has gone on to become a Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Coaching and Hypnosis.

Through using NLP in their private practice Carol and Luke have established a reputation for being heart-centred practitioners who have a high level of integrity, empathy, and compassion in regard to their clients.

It is said that there is no empathy or compassion in NLP however Carol and Luke always get the results that the client is seeking by being this way.

Carol and Luke believe that the world needs more people who are trained in this modality so that more help is available to those who need it and this is why they are now training others to do what they do.