Interview with NLP Master Practitioner Steve Bowden – September 2021


Since 2020 Master Practitioner training, Steve shares his knowledge & experience in many modalities including NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Modern Hypnosis.

Steve has been selected as one of our leading Master Practitioners @ Mindset Mastery NLP.

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Since completing our training what problems have you been able to resolve?

Answer: limiting beliefs for one. I always had feelings of not being good
enough, intelligent enough or of being separate from other people among
other things. Becoming a Master practitioner has enabled me to understand how we model the world around our experiences, how we think, and how we are always more than what we think we can be.

How long had those problems been present in your life?

Answer: One could say since birth really. Although I’ve largely been unaware of this, But since going through the training process, certain
patterns and cycles have come into awareness that leads me to believe that many of my actions have been affected by the trauma and modelling I experienced as a child.

What have you gained and how is life different?

Answer: So much, but in short, a love of self. An awareness that I am not my trauma and that without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Where I used to recoil from situations, I now lean into them. I now constantly seek to ask better questions about myself. I’m more curious about life and have the
ability to “hold my presence” and just “be”, instead of taking it all too personally.

How are you helping people since you completed the training?

Answer: I’m in the astoundingly fortunate position to be an Accredited Remedial Therapist that has studied many different modalities from sports therapy to pregnancy massage and a lot in between. I’m also an energy worker, having a Master’s in Reiki and Samvahan. So I help people every day on many different levels. What the NLP and Hypnotherapy process has given me is the understanding, tools, and language to help my clients on a much deeper level. To ask the right questions and guide them to the answers they seek in their lives. Sometimes this happens on the table as we work on the body-mind connection of stored stress and “dis-ease” in the physical. Then more often than not this will evolve into a breakthrough course as clients step into taking control of their lives.

What would you say to someone who is facing the problems you have overcome?

Answer: Do the work! Often the struggle comes from knowing we have been affected by past events, but not knowing where to start, or having the
tools to “unpack your bag” so to speak. I tell my clients all the time that “the wisdom is in the trauma”. When we look at the lessons that we have learned through the experiences we have had, and not just the emotions around the trauma. We begin to see the unique perception and lessons we have come to know. This is where our karmic lessons are learned and released. Through this, we vibrate higher, we overcome and release that trauma, enabling a life more aligned with self.

Steven is a diploma-qualified Remedial therapist with over ten years of experience as a massage and health professional.

Over the years Steven has worked and studied in a variety of areas in this industry, gaining training and advanced knowledge in many modalities involved in remedial therapies.

With a passion for what he does, he is driven to get results for his clients, helping them to reclaim their bodies from injury, pain, and dysfunction.

His approach to treatment is a many-faceted view of the connection between body and mind.

As a Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy, Steven is committed to working with the client on both a physical and mental level to bringing about the change necessary for his clients, enabling them to reach the goals or outcomes they want.