I Feel Sad All The Time

Is this YOU? I feel so sad all the time.

Do you know excessive sadness can be linked to depression?

This could be brought on by past experiences or a series of significant emotional events.

When you feel overwhelming sadness, from a holistic point of view you are living in and reliving past events where the negative emotion of sadness is strongly associated.

In some cases, clinical help may be sought out however I have had many successes where depression and feelings of sadness from past events have been completely eliminated using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy®.

This process works with the unconscious mind to find the very first-ever event of sadness thus eliminating sadness on all events moving forward.

This process allows someone to say goodbye to the emotional attachment to their past.

It is also important to set up Healthy Habits.

When sadness is overwhelming, you may just want to stay inside.

Go outside into nature and breathe fresh air.

Sunshine boosts serotonin in the brain, therefore assisting you to feel happy.

Exercise even walking can help release endorphins for another boost of feel-good feelings

Drink plenty of water. Increasing your water intake keeps you hydrated and improves your mood.

Get a good night’s sleep, set up a regular and consistent bedtime, and wake-up time.

Turn off screens 60 mins before bed.

Reduce the amount of time spent on social media. It is easy to get caught in that trap of comparing our reality to someone else`s fake life on Instagram or Facebook.

Listen to music that helps you feel good and dance.


Be around those who will lift you up not make you feel worse.

Talk to those who can help you rather than talking to those who could possibly keep you feeling sad.

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