Hurt People, Hurt People

It is often said that hurt people, hurt people. When I hurt, I want you to hurt just as much.

When people are hurting, they can act irrationally and say things they normally wouldn`t say. The problem here is that once the words are out you cannot take them back. The cycle of hurt continues. In this context, we are talking about emotional hurt not being physically hurt.

How do we deal with hurt?

First, we need to recognise where the hurt is coming from.

It could be one incident, multiple incidents, or events.

It is important to remember that we all have choices. You can choose to hold onto the hurt or choose to let go.

It may also be part of the healing journey to forgive someone who has hurt you. Remember that when you forgive, you don’t necessarily free the person who hurt you, but you free yourself from the burden of hurt.

Express all the feelings connected to the hurt. If there is an opportunity to communicate with the person who hurt you. Tell them how they have made you feel. It does not serve you to bottle things up inside and leave the emotion unexpressed.

If you are unable to talk to the person directly you could journal or write a letter (there is no need to send it) this is more about expressing all that you are feeling and all that you are going through.

Be at cause, acknowledge the part that you played in the hurt. Being at cause does not necessarily mean that it was your fault.

Being at cause means that you are not just completely blaming or staying in victim. When we blame others, we are in effect. In effect of a person or situation.

This also stops you from moving forward and letting it go.

Hurt is one of the big 5 negative emotions that impact our lives.

Time Line Therapy ® is one of the most effective ways to eliminate hurt from past events that keep you stuck and still hurting. It allows you to go back to the very first event of hurt in your life (this is something that you may not know consciously. TLT works with the unconscious mind) and then eliminate the emotion from every event of hurt in your life`s Time Line.

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