How Time Line Therapy Can Improve Your Sleep

Do you find yourself rolling around in bed for hours, unable to sleep?

No matter how tired you are and how many sheep you count — you just can’t fall asleep. Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum — you have no trouble falling asleep, but staying asleep is the problem.

While there are solutions to this problem like sleeping pills and other forms of medication, those are just masking the root problem and attacking it from a surface level.

Why not opt for a natural solution that doesn’t leave you dependent on medication instead?

Before we dive into the details of Time Line Therapy and how it can help you sleep, it’s important to first understand…

What causes poor sleep?

For most people, the inability to sleep properly is caused by their state of mind and how it affects their emotions.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

– You have an important meeting the next day and you can’t stop stressing about what you plan to say
– Flashbacks of an embarrassing moment replay in your head and leave you wanting to bang your head against your headboard
– General stress from work and everyday life leaves you rolling around in bed and kicking your legs all night

Basically, if you’re not in the right state of mind and have any emotional imbalances such as stress, anxiety, or even anger — you’re not going to be sleeping well at night, period.

How Time Line Therapy helps you sleep

Time Line Therapy helps you let go of all this negativity and allows you to sleep peacefully at night.

By floating over your timeline and pinpointing the exact triggers of your stress and anxiety, we can help you let go of those moments and move forward stress-free.

Once you have moved past your negativity, you’ll find yourself falling asleep more easily at night, wake up less during the night, and enjoying more energetic days.

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