Interview with NLP Master Practitioner Helen Uskovic – October 2021

Helen’s health and wellness career has been a process of evolution from healing people physically as a massage therapist, rehabilitation coach, personal trainer, and yoga teacher to healing people mentally and emotionally as a Mindset Coach. She was an actress (Houso’s, Underbelly, Film Winner in many USA film festivals) and a DJ/MC. Helen is an entrepreneur, she bought her first business at 23 and has successfully run 3 other businesses since then. Moving into Children’s wellness she became a mental health speaker at primary and high schools across NSW for FreshED and has a passion for working with children and teenagers, battling their mindset. Helen has a wealth of invaluable life experience prior to her health and wellness shift and this experience has been one of the keys to her success when it comes to helping people with happiness, confidence, resilience, and rejection. Helen says “I love working alongside my client to get them back in alignment with the reason they were born. Sometimes, things happen in life which can make us forget that we are actually meant to be happy and that we are supposed to have fun each day” BIO -Voted one of Australia’s top Mindset Coaches

-Author from the best selling booking Change Makers 5 -Founder of HOL Health -The host of the podcast show: Your Coach Helen Uskovic -Qualified Master NLP Practitioner -Qualified Master NLP Coach -Qualified Master Hypnotherapist -Qualified Master Trainer in Fitness -Qualified Yoga Teacher

1. Since completing our training what problems have you been able to resolve?

A – I now feel confident that I can work with people from all walks of life and that I have the tools to be able to help people conquer their mindset and break through anything that has been holding them back

2. How long had those problems been present in your life?

A – When I had my beauty salon 16 years ago and when I became a personal trainer 6 years ago, people would feel comfortable to share their deepest secrets and fears and I always wished that I could help them. The training has helped my self-belief that I can now help them effectively.

3. What have you gained and how is life different?

A – I’ve gained knowledge that will help me run a successful Coaching and Hypnotherapy practise. I’ve also gained perspective on being in alignment with my purpose in life and that is a beautiful feeling.

4. How are you, helping people since you completed the training?

I’m helping people from all walks of life overcome their roadblocks. My youngest clients are 6,8 and 10… my eldest clients are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It doesn’t matter what age or where people come from, I have helped people get back into alignment with their core values and get clear on how to master their minds.

5. What would you say to someone who is facing the problems you have overcome?

A-Ha! I have overcome many problems in my life such as fear of rejection, shame, fear of failing, lack of confidence, not knowing how to assert boundaries, bad habits, having unhealthy relationships and friendships, fear of success, learning how to brand, and run a business… I could go on…
My message is simple: Mindset is everything, conquer your mind, conquer your world…

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