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Heal the Child and the Adult is Free.

The Cause of Negative Emotions and Beliefs


I see so many clients who are carrying pain, trauma and limiting beliefs from their past. So much of their emotional pain is from their conditioning or programming. From the ages of 0-7 these are the ages that we feel ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, HURT and GUILT for the very first time. It is also during this period that children don’t have the ability to question therefore the experiences they have, the way they are raised and the things that happen to them are ingrained within them and these experiences often play out later in life.

If a small child is constantly told to “BE QUIET” “SHUT UP” “ BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD” what experience will that child carry forward? They take on that programming and more than likely that child will not speak up, will believe that their words or opinion is not important. They will be afraid to speak their truth.

I have had clients who have witnessed and been part abusive family relationships at this age. What plays out is that in their adult life the cycle continues again because of their conditioning therefore leading to their own abusive relationships.

When a child does not feel valued by the adults in their life it plays out with low self esteem, no self worth and in some cases looking for love in all the wrong places.
When a child is a victim of sexual abuse this can sometimes play out as a teenager seeing sex as love. Then an adult going from partner to partner to partner seeking love however not knowing what it feels like to actually have true love in their life.

How MMNLP Can Help


This is where the power of Time Line Therapy ® comes in. When we work with a client using this modality it allows the client to clear out all negative emotions and attachment to past events that have a tight grip on who they are presently.

We don’t heal the event, we heal the emotions around it. This IS NOT REGRESSION THERAPY. By using Time Line Therapy ® the client is able to look at past events from a new perspective in such a way that the learnings are far greater than the actual event. This allows the client to step into certainty from uncertainty.

When a client can speak about their past and have no emotional attachment or physiological response then you know that they are well and truly healed.

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