Anything less than a loving thought is toxic

Some may agree or disagree with this statement and wherever you are on the scale,
I’m sure you would agree to some level, that love is always the best intention in any situation.
Let’s step away from the fluff for a moment, Do I have to drop my guard to aim for love in all situations or are we talking bullshit?
Well in some relationships, we may need to step into different perspectives in order to gain clarity.
Our default response could be negative and continue toxicity in the communications & the cycle continues.
It takes patience alongside compassion in some situations, especially if you have been on the receiving end
of an emotional battering over a long period of time.
So what is the solution?
Well, there are many paths one must take however the option to reflect on one’s own responses in negative situations is where the gold is.
How much time will this take? Well, it is progressive and the beautiful mirror of life will come into focus with every tweak.
Taking steps with firstly awareness of our own behaviours, setting clear boundaries & setting an intention for loving thoughts,
will re-create the foundation of a happier life.
When we encompass negative experiences, the rockets of desire in the midst of our goop are where we are most passionate about creating change.
A negative experience can really shift into the life we desire, the relationship we desire, and the people we desire to be with as well.
Let’s try 68 seconds of focused attention on feeling good multiple times a day.
Here are some mindful practices to keep you feeling great :
Write in your journal on a regular basis
Listen to positive podcasts
Find your purpose
Connect with community
Self-care & exercise
Keep healing and move forward, rinse and repeat
What do you desire in your life?