3-Day Modern Hypnosis Training Certification – Hybrid ( Face-to-Face & Online Live Training ) – NZ



Next Training Certification 

September 10th-12th 2021 – The Clan Terrigal 

Live Online Available

What is Hypnosis?


You will learn the latest techniques to encourage  fast track  human change…

This 3 day program will enable you to accelerate desired transformation in behaviours and inspire physical, mental health and wellbeing.

During the course you will learn how to guide yourself and others to quit smoking, control pain, lose weight, reduce stress and enhance performance.

This 3 day weekend program would be suited to individuals seeking positive change in their lives, health care professionals  and practicing therapists.

You will learn and be taught through captivating conversation, enlightening  demonstrations, interactive exercises.

You will be able to use hypnosis immediately after this fun filled informative weekend.

At the end you will take a home your manual to complete your open book test.

Once your test is complete and you have your certification you will be able to see clients and start changing lives.



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