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Interview with NLP Master Practitioner Helen Uskovic – October 2021

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Helen’s health and wellness career has been a process of evolution from healing people physically as a massage therapist, rehabilitation coach, personal trainer, and yoga teacher to healing people mentally and emotionally as a Mindset Coach. She was an actress (Houso’s, Underbelly, Film Winner in many USA film festivals) and a DJ/MC. Helen is an entrepreneur, she bought her first business at 23 and has successfully run 3 other businesses since then. Moving into Children’s wellness she became a mental health speaker at primary and high schools across NSW for FreshED and has a passion for working with children and teenagers, battling their mindset. Helen has a wealth of invaluable life experience prior to her health and wellness shift and this experience has been one of the keys to her success when it comes to helping people with happiness, confidence, resilience, and rejection. Helen says “I love working alongside my client to get them back in alignment with the reason they were born. Sometimes, things happen in life which can make us forget that we are actually meant to be happy and that we are supposed to have fun each day” BIO -Voted one of Australia’s top Mindset Coaches

-Author from the best selling booking Change Makers 5 -Founder of HOL Health -The host of the podcast show: Your Coach Helen Uskovic -Qualified Master NLP Practitioner -Qualified Master NLP Coach -Qualified Master Hypnotherapist -Qualified Master Trainer in Fitness -Qualified Yoga Teacher

1. Since completing our training what problems have you been able to resolve?

A – I now feel confident that I can work with people from all walks of life and that I have the tools to be able to help people conquer their mindset and break through anything that has been holding them back

2. How long had those problems been present in your life?

A – When I had my beauty salon 16 years ago and when I became a personal trainer 6 years ago, people would feel comfortable to share their deepest secrets and fears and I always wished that I could help them. The training has helped my self-belief that I can now help them effectively.

3. What have you gained and how is life different?

A – I’ve gained knowledge that will help me run a successful Coaching and Hypnotherapy practise. I’ve also gained perspective on being in alignment with my purpose in life and that is a beautiful feeling.

4. How are you, helping people since you completed the training?

I’m helping people from all walks of life overcome their roadblocks. My youngest clients are 6,8 and 10… my eldest clients are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It doesn’t matter what age or where people come from, I have helped people get back into alignment with their core values and get clear on how to master their minds.

5. What would you say to someone who is facing the problems you have overcome?

A-Ha! I have overcome many problems in my life such as fear of rejection, shame, fear of failing, lack of confidence, not knowing how to assert boundaries, bad habits, having unhealthy relationships and friendships, fear of success, learning how to brand, and run a business… I could go on…
My message is simple: Mindset is everything, conquer your mind, conquer your world…

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Here are a few EMF Tips for wellbeing

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

As you may or may not be aware there are many types of EMF’s in our environment.

Here are a few EMF tips to improve your personal being & home environment.

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Interview with NLP Master Practitioner Steve Bowden – September 2021

Monday, October 4th, 2021


Since 2020 Master Practitioner training, Steve shares his knowledge & experience in many modalities including NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Modern Hypnosis.

Steve has been selected as one of our leading Master Practitioners @ Mindset Mastery NLP.

To learn more about Steve please watch & read below.
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Since completing our training what problems have you been able to resolve?

Answer: limiting beliefs for one. I always had feelings of not being good
enough, intelligent enough or of being separate from other people among
other things. Becoming a Master practitioner has enabled me to understand how we model the world around our experiences, how we think, and how we are always more than what we think we can be.

How long had those problems been present in your life?

Answer: One could say since birth really. Although I’ve largely been unaware of this, But since going through the training process, certain
patterns and cycles have come into awareness that leads me to believe that many of my actions have been affected by the trauma and modelling I experienced as a child.

What have you gained and how is life different?

Answer: So much, but in short, a love of self. An awareness that I am not my trauma and that without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Where I used to recoil from situations, I now lean into them. I now constantly seek to ask better questions about myself. I’m more curious about life and have the
ability to “hold my presence” and just “be”, instead of taking it all too personally.

How are you helping people since you completed the training?

Answer: I’m in the astoundingly fortunate position to be an Accredited Remedial Therapist that has studied many different modalities from sports therapy to pregnancy massage and a lot in between. I’m also an energy worker, having a Master’s in Reiki and Samvahan. So I help people every day on many different levels. What the NLP and Hypnotherapy process has given me is the understanding, tools, and language to help my clients on a much deeper level. To ask the right questions and guide them to the answers they seek in their lives. Sometimes this happens on the table as we work on the body-mind connection of stored stress and “dis-ease” in the physical. Then more often than not this will evolve into a breakthrough course as clients step into taking control of their lives.

What would you say to someone who is facing the problems you have overcome?

Answer: Do the work! Often the struggle comes from knowing we have been affected by past events, but not knowing where to start, or having the
tools to “unpack your bag” so to speak. I tell my clients all the time that “the wisdom is in the trauma”. When we look at the lessons that we have learned through the experiences we have had, and not just the emotions around the trauma. We begin to see the unique perception and lessons we have come to know. This is where our karmic lessons are learned and released. Through this, we vibrate higher, we overcome and release that trauma, enabling a life more aligned with self.

Steven is a diploma-qualified Remedial therapist with over ten years of experience as a massage and health professional.

Over the years Steven has worked and studied in a variety of areas in this industry, gaining training and advanced knowledge in many modalities involved in remedial therapies.

With a passion for what he does, he is driven to get results for his clients, helping them to reclaim their bodies from injury, pain, and dysfunction.

His approach to treatment is a many-faceted view of the connection between body and mind.

As a Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy, Steven is committed to working with the client on both a physical and mental level to bringing about the change necessary for his clients, enabling them to reach the goals or outcomes they want.

Raise Your Vibe – 90 Day Reset starts on October 25th 2021

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Raise Your Vibe – A 90-Day Reset Program To Letting Go Of Your Old Self & Moving Into Your Best Version!

  • Do you constantly question your self-worth?
  • Are you lost about who you are?
  • Do you judge yourself and compare yourself to others?

If you’ve practised self-development but you’re still having self-doubts and still asking yourself, “who am I?” then it’s time for a reset and raise your vibe!

So you can… 

  • Stop comparing yourself to others and stop judging where and who you are
  • No longer see yourself as ‘less’ and become more of your true identity
  • Represent your best self to the world and feel amazing about your life

Have you ever said these to yourself…

How can I see the world differently in a more empowering way when I’m stuck?”

How can I help people heal if I’m not healed?

How can I feel good about my life during difficult circumstances?”

How can I make a difference to others if I can’t create the success that I want?”

“Who can support me so I don’t feel alone and lonely in this journey?”

“I wish I could have the tools to create the life I want, like those I look up to.”

We’ve spent over 10 years helping our clients and students get clarity on who they are, finally let go of their baggage and create a fulfilling life filled with passion and purpose.

This is also the only self-development program of its kind,

that gives you videos, content & tasks each day for 90 days! Every day you’ll learn something NEW!


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Carol Johnston-Mollica From Mindset Mastery NLP Reveals the Life-Changing Effects of NLP & Time Line Therapy ® – Thrive Global

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Read the whole article here –

“How is it that these two modalities can have such profound results in helping people heal and come back home to themselves into oneness? As a trainer and coach using NLP and Time Line Therapy ®, I have had the honor of witnessing hundreds of clients and students be transformed for life.” – Carol Johnston-Mollica


Neuro: “The brain, our thoughts.”

Linguistic: “The words we speak to ourselves and others.”

Programming: “Our upbringing, our experiences, the things that have happened to us.”


“As human beings, we all feel the five negative emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, and Guilt. When we have experienced significant emotional events in our lives, we can sometimes hold on to the negative emotions attached to those experiences. Time Line Therapy ® allows us to completely eliminate the emotions attached from events in our past to enable us to enjoy the compelling future that everyone deserves.”

Carol said, “The beautiful thing about NLP is that as a trainer or coach, or practitioner, it allows me to question my clients in such a way that they feel heard. In all reality, that is the one thing that most people want. To be heard and acknowledged.”


Instead of asking disempowering ‘WHY’ questions, why not ask clients or students ‘For what purpose?’ ‘How is that a problem?’ ‘For what intention?’ ‘How?’ ‘What if?’ These questions empower people to dig deep and find the answers within themselves.

“I remember a client saying to me (after she had told me that she had been in and out of therapy for over 20 years) ‘What is this magic? No other professional service provider has ever questioned me like this?’ Those questions allow her to open up, speak her truth, and be heard. At the end of the day, that`s exactly what most people want, and that is “to be heard.”

Carol continued, “Imagine this, a young woman was seeing me for anxiety and depression. I asked her, ‘how do you know?’ ‘How do you know you have anxiety?’ ‘What does it look like?’ ‘What does it feel like?’ Her answer was ‘because a doctor told me.’ Then she realized what she had said. She had been given the diagnosis (label), and she wore it like a coat. She took ownership of the label, and it controlled her life. However, now that has changed, and she lives her life without it.”

Read the whole article here –

Carol Johnston-Mollica Reveals the 5 Life-Changing Effects of NLP – Disrupt Magazine

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Disrupt Magazine – Read the full article here –

Carol Johnston-Mollica, is the co-founder and head trainer at Mindset Mastery NLP, Australia’s fastest-growing NLP Training Company. Carol is a heart-centered leader and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). An expert in her field, Carol uses these skills to help people tap into their fullest potential.

Carol believes that “Communication is the essence of life.” However, the challenge that arises in today’s society is that there is not enough emphasis on how to communicate effectively. It is one of the biggest reasons why many people choose to learn NLP. Simply put, “NLP is how we use the language of the mind to achieve specific and desired outcomes consistently.”

Carol decided to learn NLP because she needed to take her coaching business – before Mindset Mastery NLP – to the next level. She felt that something was missing. When a friend suggested learning NLP, Carol decided to take the plunge and commit to the training. This is where the shift happened; she served her clients at a higher level and help them all achieve outstanding results.

“I saw the power of this modality and the enormous change in my clients – NLP changed everything.”

Eventually, Carol decided to become a Master Practitioner to add even more skills to her coaching arsenal. “After taking the Master Practitioner training, I realized that I really needed to do something bigger.” Then, she committed to another certification to become an NLP trainer, Time Line Therapy ®, and Hypnosis. Thus,  Mindset Mastery NLP was born.

At their very first training event, they started with four students. Next, they had six, then twelve, and the number would just keep on growing. Carol and her team now run three events: a 3-day Hypnosis certification, a 7-day NLP Practitioner (4 certificates), and a 15-day Master Practitioner Certification. These courses are run multiple times during the year, and they now cater local, national, and international students.

Their courses are all Hybrid, meaning they can have students in the room and online simultaneously.

The people who decide to train with Carol and her team at Mindset Mastery NLP do so for many reasons, including self-development, adding new skills to other modalities, career change, or learning leadership skills; the list goes on. They have had incredible students in their early twenties up to those in their seventies.

Everyone who attends the training provided and supported by Carol and her team at Mindset Mastery NLP will be “Transformed for life.” 

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