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Top 10 male coaches transforming lives in 2021

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Hey tribe,

I’m very humbled to be on this list of Yahoo Finance 10 top male coaches transforming lives.

I’ve always had a vision for helping people to find their path to wholeness.

I feel loved and supported by many and because of you all, it makes this amazing transition all the more rewarding.

Enjoy the read

25 Feb 2021: Top 10 male coaches transforming lives in 2021

Coaching as a career is trending, and many people find hope and direction to fuel their goals through a life coach’s guidance.

To level up mindset, steer in the right direction, and reach goals, this list of our favorite male life coaches shall help you. We would like to thank the team at Authority Sharks for their research and findings in formulating this article.

About Tony Robins: Tony Robbins is an inspiration to many young minds

Tony Robbins, is a leading life coach and entrepreneur known for his motivational practices, uplifting speech, and self-help books. He is the chairman of a holding company of more than 50 privately held businesses with combined sales exceeding $6 billion a year.

More than four million people have attended Robbins’ seminars and about 50 million people from 100 countries have benefited from his teachings.

Fact: Robbins is also a social worker

Through his partnership with Feeding America, Robbins has facilitated more than 500 million meals in the last five years to those in need. He has also initiated programs in more than 1,500 schools, 700 prisons, and 50,000 service organizations and shelters.

About Kanji Low: Kanji helps entrepreneurs turn into leaders that impact the world

Kanji Low is a business coach, mentor, and partner of Xperience Online, based in Melbourne, Australia. He has helped clients launch and scale their business movements, achieving their first $25k and beyond, allowing them to transform their lives financially, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Working with committed individuals, Kanji synergizes with conscious leaders through his 1:1 private mentoring as well as Xperience Online.

Fact: According to Kanji, it is about growth

Kanji believes in empowering, and what his clients pass on further. He says, “It’s not what the clients get or what I provide, ultimately it’s beyond us and is about what the clients will do to pass this experience to the people they serve.”

About Cody McAuliffe: McAuliffe uses the flow formula to increase productivity

Cody McAuliffe is the founder of the Flow Formula. Over the last 11 years, he has coached federal MPs, 4,000+ coaches, and businessmen through his 12-week Becoming Superhuman Program.

The Flow Formula tests each person’s epigenetic expression to understand how their brain works. This allows participants to learn how they can get more done in less time. You may also join the community.

About Jacob Deva: Jacob believes that mind, body, spirit need work for improvement

Jacob Deva, founder of Unf*ckwithable Coaching helps people transform their vision of the future into embodied reality. He uses a myriad of psychological methodologies and extra deliverables to get fast massive results.

Deva self-identifies as a unicorn in the coaching industry. He currently offers two 1:1 coaching programs, an eight-week program, and a twelve-week program. Read about his experience and offerings on his website.

About Evan Giokas : Giokas helps and works with students

The Founder and Principal Coach at The College Confidence Coach™, Evan Giokas, helps students discover their unique intuitive abilities and effective motivations to align their talents with right-fit potential careers, majors, and universities.

Giokas has released a new master class ‘The 5-Secrets to Finding the Right-Fit College,’ designed to inspire necessary conversations between parents and their children to start their college planning journey right.

About Luke Mollica: With three decades of experience, Luke Mollica heals past trauma

Luke Mollica, the co-founder of Mindset Mastery NLP, is based in Central Coast, Australia.

For 30 years, Luke has adopted compassion to help people succeed in their life path. Like most intuitive healers, the path is not always easy. The combination of life experience and the exploration of healing past traumatic experiences have led Luke to find joy, happiness, and inner peace.

Experience: Luke has been a business owner in different industries

As a successful company co-founder & director of Mindset Mastery NLP, Luke has had many years of experience as a business owner in many industries, including music tuition, performing, health and wellness, print, and digital marketing.

As a result of over three decades of experience, Luke can identify potential growth opportunities within the client’s business model and recreate a new strategy.

Fact: He is a coach with real-life experience

There are opportunities everywhere; however, in the realm of personal, professional & business development, you need a coach with real-life experience, sharing real failure and success stories with the ability to create the success you deserve.

About Chris Lenz: Lenz teaches social skills to socially awkward people

Chris Lenz is a Friendship Coach who teaches busy IT professionals how to improve their social skills and meet new people within 12 weeks. At the age of 20, Chris organized workshops in his hometown to teach people how they can socialize better.

Now he is coaching people with his 12 Week Program so they are able to meet their desired friendship circle.

Fact: Lenz’s core vision

His core vision is to help new foreigners create relationships with locals so that they no longer feel lonely. If you want to learn more, visit his website to get in touch with him.

About Christiano Green: It is time for self-love, self-worth, self-growth: Green

Christiano Green is the founder of CG Coaching. He helps gay men become leaders of their life. With his Metamorphosize Your Mindset program, Green transformed the lives of over 50 people in 2020.

In 2021, Green aims to transform over 100 lives. With a 100% success rate, he constantly over-delivers. Green has released a new ebook 7 Steps To Finding The U In Uniqueness.

About Corey Frasure: Find the most effective ways to address multiple issues: Frasure

Corey Frasure is the Growth Coach of Albuquerque. He helps clients look at old problems in new ways, ensuring progress toward their goals.

Frasure believes, “You cannot BE the business and have it be successful.” His highly collaborative Strategic Mindset© system focuses on the right activities for clients’ business growth. Furthermore, it comes with a money-back guarantee.

About Lawrence Ignaczak: Ignaczak primarily works in building a strong LinkedIn presence

Lawrence Ignaczak is a faithpreneur coach. He provides Health Nutritional Coaching and assists his clients as a Linkedin Expert by optimizing their Linkedin presence online. Ignaczak provides one on one, group, and business coaching packages.

Ignaczak insinuates the belief that people can overcome any challenges while detaching from fear and rejection. People who work with him have a significant increase in their sales careers.

About Gregory Ashby: It’s time to start a new chapter: Ashby

Gregory Ashby is a health and mental wellness coach. Ashby explains that illnesses are often derived from mental conditions, such as toxic stress. “The body doesn’t perceive the difference between real or imagined stress. It drops you into fear as your reality,” he says.

Overcoming the stress and mental limitations allows one to break free from the chains. Visit his website for more information.

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Now Accepting Bitcoin for Our Coaching & Training

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

Mindset Mastery NLP is now accepting Bitcoin as payment…

Bitcoin is one of many cryptocurrencies serving us today.

To be quite honest, We’ve had the vision for the past 4 years that bitcoin is the way of the future. 

Since then it has been proven to be a powerhouse and growing rapidly.

The purpose for this decision is to provide another positive platform for our clients and students to pay for our services.

The other decision is that with current inflation your money is actually losing value over time.

Elon Musk has announced by receiving BTC as payment for selling his Teslas, the company has the opportunity to increase its profits by keeping in Bitcoin.

So this announcement is to no surprise that Bitcoin is now accepted for all of our coaching & training.

To learn more book a clarity call today

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Top 10 Life Coaches To Follow In 2021 For Self Development

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021


Coaching as a career is trending, and many people find hope and direction to fuel their goals through the guidance of a life coach. Here is SAS’ list of top ten Life Coaches to stay in tune with for the year ahead.


1. Tony Robbins

Author of Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins is a leading life coach and entrepreneur known for his motivational practices, uplifting speech and renowned self help books. He hosts virtual live events and, more intimately, 1:1 coaching and training. Robbins is the chairman of a holding company of more than 50 privately held businesses with combined sales exceeding $6 billion a year.

Through his partnership with Feeding America, Tony facilitated more than 500 million meals in the last 5 years to those in need. He has also initiated programs in more than 1,500 schools, 700 prisons, and 50,000 service organizations and shelters.

Tony’s 6 internationally best selling books, audio, video, and seminar training will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to create lifelong success in life and business. More than 4 million people have attended Tony’s live seminars, and more than 50 million people from 100 countries have experienced the power of his teachings, making him the #1 personal and professional development leader.


2. Dana Olsen

Dana Olson is the co-founder of Mama to MillionaireTM and is the go-to business coach for moms. Her mission is to put passion and purpose back into entrepreneurship while helping mothers create profitable online businesses. Dana draws on her background in communication, economics, and entrepreneurship to deliver a well-rounded approach in creating a thriving business.

She utilizes her decade as a successful home-schooling, attachment-parenting ‘mamapreneur’ to teach women to match their action to their vision, so that they are truly living their dreams and confidently owning their success, both in life and in business.

After seeing many women get frustrated, defeated, and misled, expecting their businesses to boom within a few weeks or months, Dana decided it was time to disrupt the coaching industry and give moms more of what they really needed – time and help.

In addition to serving her clients, Dana has created a thriving community of unstoppable ‘mamapreneurs’ who are ready to revolutionize the way that moms think about “hustle” and redefine what it means to thrive at home and in business.


3. Adam Tyler Smith

Adam Tyler Smith is the leading expert in high-performance life and business coaching. Adam bridges the gap between science, spirituality, and traditional coaching methods to produce an aligned, grounded, and effective approach to coaching rarely found in the industry.

Using this approach Adam helps ambitious millennials master and maximize their beliefs, habits, mindset, and lifestyle so they may build a high-performing, aligned, and extraordinary life and business. Over the past 10 years, Adam has helped his clients’ brands and businesses generate over 10 million dollars in revenue. From entrepreneurs to extreme athletes, Adam is currently helping high-performers master their inner world and unleash their limitless potential, regardless of the social or economic climate, via 1:1 coaching and his soon to launch Unleashed Mastermind.


4. Carol Johnston-Mollica

Carol Johnston-Mollica is the co-founder of Mindset Mastery NLP Sydney Australia. Carol is an International Certified Trainer and Coach of NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Modern Hypnosis. As a trainer Carol facilitates courses to certify students as NLP & Time Line Therapy ® Practitioners, NLP Coaches and Hypnotherapists. When Carol is not teaching, she is working with private clients through her Personal Breakthrough Program.

Her company attracts healers and coaches who are not yet certified in NLP, this helps them to increase their communication and questioning skills. Many people also train with Carol purely for self development. Mindset Mastery NLP offers 3 certified courses, 3 Day Modern Hypnosis (entry level), NLP Practitioner with 4 certifications, 15 day Master Practitioner Training and 8 week private coaching program.

As an International training company, Mindset Mastery NLP certifies students & their platform showcases every Master Practitioner to assist them in attracting future clientele. Mindset Mastery NLP creates a heart centred approach to training & coaching. Students are taught in a way that once certified, they walk away with the confidence to assist future clients with any presenting problem or challenge. Many students graduate and become successful in their own right as coaches, speakers & facilitators. Clients who successfully complete our Personal Breakthrough Program create a new awareness, experience more control in their lives, thoughts and behaviours. According to Carol, “Everyone who works with Mindset Mastery NLP is Transformed for Life”.


5. Roma Zaffar

Roma Zaffar is a life coach and owner of Roma Zaffar Coaching. Roma helps first and second-generation South Asian women overcome the frustrations and differences between cultural values and newly adapted westernized values. Having gone through this challenge herself, Roma, has developed a system to help South Asian women gain back control and make powerful decisions that serve them in their lives.

Roma helps her clients create a physically and emotionally balanced lifestyle. She encourages South Asian women to dream, be ambitious and then have the courage to follow their dreams. She truly believes you have the power to create the life you desire. Roma helps her clients rise to their full potential and embrace growth. Roma’s 12-week Balanced Life Coaching program helps South Asian Women, who are lost in the metaphorical game of tug-of-war between their western lives and their cultural lives, find their identity and make decisions without feeling guilty. If this resonates with you, if you want a solution to your frustration, become a clear decision maker and have a balanced life, you can connect with Roma via LinkedIn or Facebook.


6. Natalie Constante

Natali Constante is the leader and founder of the High Achievers Online Entrepreneurs Academy, the first business and high-performance academy that works with heart-centered entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to make a high-impact footprint in the world. Natali is the creator of RAISE METHOD in which she helps visionary entrepreneurs reprogram their minds with neuroscience tools, activating their potential and performance in order to build successful online businesses that transform lives and thus achieve absolute geographic, financial and emotional freedom.

In addition, she works with senior visionary professionals who feel stuck and seek to exploit her full potential through her COA (Creator of Opportunities and Achievement) program where she explores the art of fulfillment and the science of achievement to climb professionally. Her clients have launched businesses with results of USD10,000in just 3 months of coaching, books publications, they have closed contracts tripling their profits and increased their confidence achieving great positions.

Natali is also a Keynote Speaker participating in events with the support of government institutions in Ecuador. She has been the only Latin representation in tourism congresses for LATAM (Latin America). She belongs to high-level world coaching communities, is a Biotechnology engineer and has traveled to 27 countries around the world exploring and teaching others to focus their education towards entrepreneurship and online business, and contributes towards organizations that have a focus on education and conservation. She is co-owner of the Coral Blanco Hotel in the Galapagos Islands and also has a virtual Galapagos travel agency.


7. Veronica Natiza

Veronica Natzia (@veronicanatzia) has created bespoke 1-on-1 coaching for individuals and corporations that have not only saved millions of dollars for her corporate clients but have also helped get women off the street and into thriving six-figure careers. A true “rags to riches” story that once saw her homeless with a child, to today with two children, owning her coaching business that provides her with the ability to impact the lives of others who may be in similar or equally as desperate times as she once lived, including the COO of Hudson- International Logistics company. Completely custom-tailored to match individual and corporate goals, she consistently over-delivers for her clients, some of whom have used her services for many years and counting. Focusing a large amount of time on struggling women, she works empathetically, to ensure that no women feel the anxiety she once had and towards fulfilling her mission to end child hunger.

“Help turn lives from just living into meaning” is her coaching approach.

Access Veronica’s free 7 step Affirmation – Action Guide


8. Lindsey Troumbly

Lindsey Troumbly is the founder of Endo Transcended- a movement for women with endometriosis suffering from chronic pain that promotes healing using DNA. Endo Transcendedis a complete mind, body and spirit transformation program that uses: DNA nutrition testing, mindset work, and embodiment techniques to heal the body from the inside out; reducing stress and inflammation.

After suffering many years and realizing the healthcare system around the world does little for the 176,000,000 women diagnosed with endometriosis to address the root cause of the disease or offers very little solutions for the chronic pain that women endure Lindsey dove into alternative therapies. A decade later, after sharing her results with many women in the endo community that were having success she decided it was time to create a coaching program.

Endo Transcended; meaning to go beyond: is an awakening and transformation for the woman warrior with endometriosis to take back her power using her own DNA to heal her body, mind, and soul taking back her life. Lindsey’s mission is one of knowledge and commitment to helping as many women with endometriosis as she can and further revolutionizing the healthcare women with endometriosis receive. To learn more, visit Lindsey’s Facebook page.


9. Srishti Mittal

Srishti Mittal is a business result and success coach that focuses on empowering women in their careers. After owning and running multi-million dollar businesses, Srishti has found a passion for sharing her experiences in the business world. She helps women achieve the right mindset, establish goals, implement strategies, and live life on their own terms so they can reach their dreams and build upon them. Srishti believes that every challenge and problem that you face in business and life are gifts that we can learn from and grow upon. “I help womenpreneurs who are unclear, overwhelmed, and have no plan, turn into someone who is empowered, successful, and one who is reaching their goals, visions, and dreams!” says Srishti.


10. Bill Wilder

Bill Wilder is the founder of Wilder Wellness Center – the world’s leading physical, mental and spiritual ‘life reset’ center. Wilder Wellness Center uses a team approach with a licensed therapist and a master shaman who work together to integrate the most powerful pieces of traditional therapies and spirituality into one experience. Bill was inspired to branch away from his 15-year career as a traditional psychotherapist after growing tired of mind-oriented approaches that were not delivering transformative results for people.

Bill drew inspiration from his training with Wim Hof and discovered that bringing cold water immersion into the therapy room creates miraculous results, “when you find the power within, the messengers of fear will fly away.” says Bill. When people unlock their lost primitive instincts, and unleash their inner fire, their lives will transform. Wilder Wellness Center provides deep healing so that “people can grieve their old story and be reborn to the new life that awaits them. We start with a comprehensive assessment, use cold and hot water immersion, along with a deeply spiritual experience, to release trauma” explains Bill. This is the only center in the world that has this powerful integration of mind, body and spiritual healing.

This healing comes in a personalized 3-day retreat for those in a life transition or in pursuit of finding love and purpose in life. If you are looking for a fully private and personalized experience where the sole focus is on you and your relationships, this is the place to come check out in 2021. For a limited time, Bill is offering a complimentary assessment and he can be reached here if you want more information or have questions about the process.

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